Top 7 Digital Marketing Tips That Will Matter in 2021

Top 7 Digital Marketing Tips That Will Matter in 2021

Everything has changed with the year 2020. Our lifestyles, our thoughts, our working styles, our way of working and what not. Changes have happened everywhere including digital spaces. With Covid 19, people have started to push their business online. The plan that was stacked for years is now sprung into action because that is what is the need of the hour.

Digital Marketing too has gone through sudden acceleration, so much so that this space seems to be exhausted now. It is already living in the phase which experts had forecasted for coming 5 -10 years. Google and all other big internet based companies are updating their algorithms everyday to keep up with the customer demands.

Let us discuss what matters most and what doesn’t matter in the year 2021 for digital marketing.



This past year with so many businesses coming online & selling their products, people have become more aware about the brands.

Brand has the power!

In addition to people, all the search engines too are looking for “Good” brands only to show up in their search results.

So, focus on your brand first. Run branding campaigns like –

  • Personalized mailers
  • Social media campaigns
  • Podcasts
  • Video campaigns

Create brand awareness for your company and you will grow.

Page Speed

We all know how important it is to have a good page speed. Customers have very less patience and an internet speed which is not good most of the times. So, if your website doesn’t load in 2 to 5 seconds, they will shift their attention to your competitors. I am sure nobody wants that.

Invest in having an optimized and fast website. This not only will increase your traffic, but your conversions will also go up by minimum 7%.

Load all your static and non-static content on CDN (content delivery network) so that your site can load faster.

If you do not know about CDN – read here.


Your Ranking matters the MOST

Thanks to the smartphones, people are spending more time on their mobile phones than on desktops. Hence, you will be visible only if you are on the top 10 of the results of any search engine.

It is proven that over 35% of the clicks goes to position no 1. And if you are not in top 10, you are not visible to the customers. So, make sure you keep on working to get higher & higher rank.

Being on top is everything in 2021.

Weather you use paid ads or work on SEO – make sure you are on top and visible to the customers.

Update the existing content 

“Old is Gold”

Repurposing and updating old content is the key in 2021. You don’t have to create new content every time. Just find a relevant old article and update it with more in-depth details.

You can also create audio and video content of the old articles.

Do not worry about duplicate content, algorithms have changed and no one is getting penalized for duplicate content now.

So go ahead and update more that you create!

Don’t go after backlinks

Once upon a time, backlinks were the way to go, to boost your SEO rankings. Not anymore.

Now, search engines as well as people want relevant and quality content on the website rather than having tons of irrelevant people referring back to you.

Instead of finding backlinks, try to create more “relevant” content for your audience.

Few quality backlinks are okay but make sure those backlinks are actually helping you and not hurting your organic rankings.

Always check DA (domain authority) of the website from where you are trying to get the backlinks. Websites with DA > 50 are good websites for backlinking.

Replace long content with Audio’s & Video’s 

Gone are the times when people were interested in reading 2000+ word articles. Now they want something quick, the content that can deliver the same level of information in less time.

This is the time of audio and video content. Create lots of podcasts for your products/services. Create video content and distribute it on social media.

Audio and video content of 10 to 30 minutes is a good idea.

Create infographics for your article. It catches more attention than a lengthy article.

Small efforts can get you big gains

Last but not the least, keep making small changes and keep applying tips that work for you. Because these small efforts will get you bigger results.

Everyone today is well aware of what is needed to run successful digital marketing campaign. So how can you stand yourself out from the crowd – by applying these small but intentional tips to your website.

Also, you can not just apply one tip or technique and expect success. All the tips and hacks need to go together and then you monitor and measure as to what is working for you which can make you the purple cow 😊

Share your experiences and stories in the comment section below, you may get featured in my upcoming book –

From the diary of Empowerbea’s! 🙂

Until next time, All the best and stay safe, stay healthy!!



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